no, even in death,
we will make them come true!

  • hey, i'm saori!

  • i'm trans (she/her) and gay

  • also born in 1992 (please figure out my age from this lol i don't want to update my age on this page every year) and japanese-brazilian

  • i'm fluent in both english and brazilian portuguese... but please don't talk to me in the latter


  • primarily japanese media

  • games: in specific... arknights, fate/grand order, the touhou series. from a distance... bang dream, final fantasy xiv, girls frontline, granblue fantasy. in general... small indie games, old games, freeware games, rpgmaker games! in other words, games that are overlooked or underappreciated

  • anime: most anything by kyoto animation and/or yamada naoko, but especially k-on! s2 and tamako love story. also girls' last tour, girls und panzer, princess principal, shirobako, yama no susume, yuru camp, zombie land saga. in general i like slice-of-life stuff, or stories where "nothing happens"

  • manga: the works of amano shuninta, takemiya jin, tamamusi, kovachi luka, konayama kata... among others. so uh yes, mostly yuri/lgbt manga — and especially ones that are explicit about their characters' identities (check out the heart icon at the bottom of the page for more specific recs)

  • other: virtual youtubers in general, but primarily (hololive) nekomata okayu, shirakami fubuki, ninomae ina'nis, and (nijisanji) suzuhara lulu, furen e lustario, shirayuki tomoe, sukoya kana

don't follow if

  • you're an anti (if you don't know what that means... good! don't worry about it)

  • you're a racist, homophobe, transphobe, nazi, etc... but that should be obvious

stuff to know

  • i mostly retweet wlw fanart, especially of the things mentioned in the interests page (with especially nsfw rts going in my other twitter account)

  • → feel free to mute my rts if you'd like

  • sometimes i also write things that may or may not be smart

  • feel free to unfollow/mute/softblock/block me as you wish

  • → yes, even if we're currently mutuals. i don't mind!

  • i strongly believe in curating your own tl, so really, just do what you think you have to do to make your social media experience enjoyable! if that means not seeing my tweets, then so be it

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